Many Americans believe that our government is that of a democracy, but when questioned as to what type of government our U.S. Constitution implemented, Benjamin Franklin replied,

“A republic, if you can keep it.”

So what are the differences of a Democracy and Republic? What exactly did our founders envision when they participated in heated debates about how our nation would be governed? What powers does the federal government hold? The states? The People? How does our nation look today compared to how it was established over two centuries ago? Well, this site’s primary purpose is to break down the Constitution into easy-to-understand language used today. Along the way, we will explore the answers to these and many other questions.

Americans today know so little about our Constitution, a simple yet effective document that provided for a nation that has so many freedoms that other nations desire. In fact, our nation has existed under only one constitution for over 225 years; other nations have rewritten their constitutions entirely during that same amount of time. Our Constitution has enabled a fairly secure and stable nation to continue to exist. Yet many today wish to remove that stability.

Today, many American citizens know little to nothing about the Constitution of the United States. Few schools teach the U.S. Constitution in the classroom, and some who do teach it, teach a distortion of what the Constitution actually says. Even today’s politicians know little, nothing, or distortions of our Constitution. And many citizens allow politicians to do as they please, assuming they are acting in accordance with what our Constitution allows.

This is outrageous! Our Constitution is the basis upon which our government is supposed to conduct business. It is what our nation’s founders created to ensure that freedom remains within our great nation.

Our elected representatives have sworn an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”, yet they cannot do so if they don’t know the Constitution says or don’t understand what it means.

This site is where I will post my dissertation of the Constitution, one Article, one Section, one Amendment at time. This is not designed to be political. Quite the opposite…it is to be apolitical. It is neither Democratic or Republican, conservative or liberal, of the weathy or of the poor. Instead, it is to be a plainly simple and honest interpretation of our Supreme Law. People of both primary U.S. political parties may disagree with what I post here. It is because both parties have gotten it wrong so many times when it comes to their interpretations of our nation’s founding document. I would like to present this in a way that both primary parties are surprised about how far off-track they are.

Finally, this page is (I hope) an improvement of my previous website www.ConstitutionDefined.com which still stands where I left it. When time permits, I will move that domain to this site. Until then, feel free to visit it, but I will not be making any additions to the current site. All additions will be made here on the WordPress site.

Thank you for stopping by. Read the information, and check back for updates. And refer your friends, students, teachers, elected officials, and others to this site, so that they can take the Constitution in, one bite at a time.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think this is a great idea! I most definitely will be following! I believe that we should KNOW our Constitution like we know our favorite songs. Without that knowledge it allows for government to go unchecked so that it becomes unbalanced and becomes more of a dictatorship. I will be sending people to you blog!! Keep up the awesome job of doing what our schools no longer do!

    Posted by etxns4freedom | January 13, 2012, 4:56 pm
  2. ETxns4Freedom,

    I agree…we SHOULD all know the Constitution so that we can check our government officials. Everyone knows about the “checks and balances” among the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, Judicial), but most forget that WE THE PEOPLE are one (and arguably, the most important) of the checks and balances to the three branches.

    The sad fact is, that even our representatives in ALL THREE branches often do not KNOW the Constitution. They may be familiar, but the do not KNOW it; OR they do not CARE when the make a ruling or policy or when they create a bill or pass it into law. The Constitution, being the “Supreme Law of the Land,” should be the measuring stick by which all bills, laws, and policies are measured. If we demand the members of our government to know the Constitution and use it to balance all governmental rulings and actions against, then we could fix a lot of our foreign policy, our economic policy, our defense policy, our regulatory system, etc.

    My goal is to get such a large following on here, that more and more people are well-versed in the Constitution and willing to hold our government representatives accountable to it. I also would like to have those government representatives reading and understanding the Constitution, so that they begin to adjust their actions to be more in line with our Founders’ principals.

    Posted by ivchisholm | January 16, 2012, 8:19 pm

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