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Getting My Work Moved To WordPress.com

Today, I made yet another move with my work on the U.S. Constitution. This being my first post on WordPress, let me explain.

I decided a couple of years ago that I would do a sort of dissertation on the U.S. Constitution. You see, I had always watched the news and somewhat followed politics, but I never really kept up with politics. As I listened, politicians spoke of this policy or that policy as being unconstitutional, without really explaining how it was unconstitutional. One day, a television commentator mentioned on their show the unconstitutionality of a particular law. He told the viewers not to believe “the other guys”, and to not even believe him. He suggested, instead, that the viewers go and research it themselves. He followed up with instructions to go and read the Constitution and understand what it says.

Now, I had read the Constitution a few times before. I remember studying it in high school, and I could have given you a general description of what it says. But I did not truly understand all of its content because I had not read it with the purpose of understanding it. I had simply read it to get the “main ideas” contained within it. So I decided then and there that I would go back and read the Constitution, in its entirety, for the sake of really understanding each article, each section, and each amendment.

After doing so, I came to the realization that most Americans do not understand the Constitution. It may be that they never bothered to try to understand it. It may be that the language in which it was written was unclear to them–English in our founders’ time was spoken quite differently than it is today. It could also be that in today’s public education system, the U.S. Constitution is “taught” for only two or three days, and it is not taught in order for students to understand it…it is taught to simply glean from that study the “main ideas” just as I had done. In fact, many misunderstandings and/or “fictional facts” are taught about our Constitution.

So I decided that I would write a dissertation (if you didn’t know what that means, have you looked it up yet?) on our Constitution. I figure most people who haven’t read the Constitution have failed to do so because it is too long of a read. So I decided to break the document down, one Article, one Section, and one Amendment at a time. As I did so, I would use today’s English (as opposed to that spoken at that time), without distorting the original ideas our founders wanted to convey. This way, it would make it easier to understand. Finally, I decided to make this an online project, so that as many people as possible could read it and become educated about one of our nation’s founding documents.

I started out posting these writings on Facebook. Then I created a website, http://ReadOurConstitution.webs.com/ and purchased a domain name www.ConstitutionDefined.com to link it to. The hosting site was good, but I wanted more control over how I showed my “product” so I went looking, and now I am going to be using www.wordpress.com to host my writings.

For the time being, I am working at building this site up. But until then, my previous websites will still contain all the work I had created before coming to this site. The old site itself is not completed, but initially will have more of my work than this site contains. Bear with me as I get caught up. The going will be slow at times. I am in the military, and my duties often keep me too busy to get on here and make updates. But when I get a chance, I will try to keep content rolling in here.

Have you read the Constitution? Do you understand it? Are you reading my pages on the Articles and Sections? If so, I encourage you to leave feedback on the respective pages. If you agree with my writings, let me know. If you disagree, let me know. If you found it informative, let me know. If you are left with questions, ask them. Leave comments and questions (or words of encouragement, if so inclined). But I ask if you disagree with something I write, that you provide a proof source…back up your ideas. And don’t come on here and bash me or any other visitors. This is to remain an open and civil forum in which we can discuss our Constitution of the United States.

Thanks for stopping by!



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