Article 1 – The Legislature

U.S. Capitol Building


Article 1 – The Legislature


Article 1 discusses the Congress…that is, the Senate and the House of Representatives. It explains:

  • how the houses of Congress are to be chosen
  • what each house is responsible for
  • enumerates the powers Congress is to hold
  • and explains those powers

This Article is divided into ten Sections. These Sections are divided as such:

  • Section 1 grants all federal law-making ability to the Congress and divides this Congress into a bicameral (two-chamber) legislature.
  • Section 2 explains the House of Representatives
  • Section 3 explains the Senate
  • Section 4 discusses the time and place of elections and meetings of the Congress
  • Section 5 explains  the membership, rules, journals, and adjournment of the houses of Congress
  • Section 6 covers the compensation, arrest, and appointment to civil office of members of Congress
  • Section 7 explains origination of revenue bills, the legislative process, and presidential veto
  • Section 8 lists the enumerated powers of Congress
  • Section 9 limits Congress’s powers
  • Section 10 lists powers that are prohibited from the States


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