Article 1, Section 1

All legislative powers
All (inclusively) law-making authority

herein granted
given anywhere in this document (the Constitution)

shall be vested in
shall (NOT “should”, “can”, etc.) be held completely by

a Congress of the United States,
an assembly of representatives of the United States

which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.
which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives (I can’t break that down much further)

My notes:
“shall” has been used for centuries in law to mean there is no deviation from what is written…it is a ‘must’.

This short, simple section says so much. “ALL” law-making powers that the Constitution intended to grant (“herein”) will rest solely (“(SHALL) be vested in”) with the Congress…not the President or Supreme Court, or members of the President’s cabinet.

© 2011 Ike Chisholm

All additional materials contained in this work are the ideas and works of the author. Use of these works is forbidden without expressed permission from the author.  The text of the Constitution is not copyrighted. It is not the author’s intent to claim the text of the Constitution as his own.



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